Influencer Marketing for Rakhi Campai

This Rakhi, Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign the Internet Will Remember Forever

For your Influencer Marketing campaign to be truly successful, you have to take into account every factor that could impacts its outcome. Read about the four crucial aspects that you have to consider while creating your Rakhi Campaign this year.

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, and with it comes another opportunity for brands to create memorable Influencer-based campaigns that can leave an everlasting impact on their audiences. Celebrating the bond that siblings share, brands can launch compelling campaigns to amplify their reach, engage with their audience, enhance brand visibility, drive traffic to your website or store, and generate leads, among other things and so on. 

That said, there are various aspects that will impact the outcome of an Influencer Marketing campaign. You must pay close attention to every step of the creation process for your campaign to be successful. This holds for brands across the board, whether you are starting afresh and planning to launch your first Influencer based campaign or you have tried your hand at Influencer Marketing before. You may have a brilliant idea, but if you place it in the wrong channel or collaborate with influencers who are not aligned with the brand values, your campaign will fall flat. 

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It is important to address every factor that will ‘influence’ the results of your campaign – be it narrowing down on an idea, deciding on the kind of content you want, choosing the platforms that would be right for you, or bringing the influencers onboard. In this article, we will cover these four essential elements that will help you develop a mind-blowing Influencer campaign this Rakhi. Read on.

Ideating your campaign: It’s all about getting the emotion right

Influencer marketing and consumer emotions have always been intertwined, but Rakhi is a festival that has personal ties. For this reason, your campaign must focus on appealing to the audience on a deeper level. Sibling relationships are multi-faceted and ever-evolving. The campaign should let the audiences know that you, as a brand, cherish the beautiful bond they share with their brothers/sisters. Influencers can showcase their relationships with their siblings and help your brand build an emotional connection with the audience. Here are some ways your campaign can strike a chord with your audience.

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Beautifully weird

With quirky, funny campaigns, you can capture the bitter-sweet aspect of the sibling relationship. Reliance Trends’ based their #BattleOfBandhans campaign on sibling rivalries, and Hajmola’s #BaatHazamNahiHui took the funny route with a ‘Brother meets boyfriend’ campaign. Both campaigns were interesting, fun, and engaging, and were received well by the audience.

Warm & cosy

Rakhi is an occasion to recall fond memories and cherish the bond between siblings. The ‘Favourite photo with your sibling’ by Berger Paints India #FrameYourSiblings and ‘Sibling confessions’ by Paper Boat: #ConfessionsBySiblings captured the essence of the brother-sister relationship with heartfelt and nostalgic then and now campaigns.

A progressive thought

Contemporary campaigns give you an opportunity to go beyond the usual meaning of Rakhi. You can break stereotypes as Wai Wai’s #NayiSochNayaSwad did. Max Bupa paid tribute to nurses in times of Covid-19 with their  #SabKiSister campaign and Shoppers Stop expanded the concept of Rakhi with Celebrating Sisterhood campaign. All these were progressive, innovative, and heart-warming at the same time.

Bringing them closer

For an occasion that bridges the distances between brothers and sisters, the theme of your campaign can be based on homecoming or reunion, long-distance or virtual celebrations, and even gift ordering.  Consider the ‘Virtual celebrations’ campaign by Dawaat Basmati or the ‘Mother meets uncle after long’ by Ferns N Petals #ApnoKoKareebLaayen, both cherishing and celebrating the bond.

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Crafting the campaign: Content that resonates with your brand

Once you have the perfect idea for your Rakhi campaign, it’s time to concentrate on the content. Needless to say, the message that you put out there must align with your brand’s values and overall tonality, while bringing the essence of sibling relationships to life. Without losing sight of your campaign goals, you have to ensure that the content is attractive enough to grab the attention of your target audience so that they’re compelled to interact with your content.

This would also be the time you’d ask yourself who will be creating the content – you or the influencers? Based on what you choose, the influencers will be directed to focus on a different set of deliverables and goals.   

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Influencers create content

There are two distinct ways in which influencers can create content for you to highlight your product or services. The first is a direct promotion in the form of a review or unboxing or reveal; the second is to fall back on concept-based storytelling and subtly weave in the product. Either way, your campaign will be able to reach your target audience with the influencers’ follower base.

But, in order to create appealing content that resonates with the brand, you must give influencers the freedom of creative expression along with a clear and precise brief on the deliverables and the expected outcomes. Follow these 10 steps to draw up a detailed brief for influencers and they will do wonders for your campaign.

Influencers amplify your content

Let’s say you already have a branded video (or any other format of content) ready for your Rakhi campaign. You can promote it with the help of influencers by having them post your content on their handles with a review, a reaction, or an anecdote. You can further amplify your reach by bringing a number of micro-influencers on board. Consider Brand Factory’s #BrotherLikeNoOther campaign. The brand launched a quirky video first and followed it up by collaborating with influencers to further promote the campaign.

Placing your content: Platforms that fit your brand

Now that you’ve given some thought to the content, let’s focus on another important aspect – placing your campaign in all the right channels. There are several social media platforms for content creation and each offers its own set of features. Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are obvious top runners for Influencer Marketing, but they cater to different user demographics. Instagram’s user base comprises mainly of Millenials and GenZ; YouTube has a much wider reach, with users ranging from an age group of 18 to 55+ years old; and  Facebook’s dominant user base ranges between 25-39 years of age groups. The platform and demographic your brand chooses to target can impact the final cost of your campaign. 

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So, where do you place your content, and how? This will depend on the variables like your campaign goals, your target audience, the message you want to put forward and of course the budget you have allocated for your Rakhi campaign. For example, Instagram Reels and Reels’ Remix are gaining popularity, but following that trend may not be fruitful to you if your targeted audience demography is senior citizens. Similarly, if your major followership is GenZ, you might want to consider spreading your campaign across various video-sharing platforms. 

Finding the right influencer: After all, it’s Influencer Marketing 

Influencer Marketing is multi-faceted, just like the brother-sister relationship that your campaign is trying to tap on. There are various influencer categories that you can choose from to run your campaign. You can opt for celebrity influencers as Myntra did. The e-commerce brand brought in siblings Soha and Saif Ali Khan who wove their childhood memories into the storytelling to promote the platform as a go-to for Rakhi gifts. The campaign video on YouTube garnered over 7 million views.

If your brand does not have the bandwidth to rope in a celebrity influencer, you can leverage the potential of macro and micro-influencers. Among the various benefits of working with micro-influencers, the one that is most notable is that they have an extremely dedicated fan base and loyal followership.

Swarovski’s Raksha Bandhan campaign is one of the most talked-about micro-influencer campaigns on the Internet when it comes to Rakhi campaigns. With 14 macro-influencers, the brand communicated a unified message and promoted the brand’s new product as a perfect Rakhi gift. The campaign reached 3.9+ million on social media, leaving an impression of over 5.7 million. 

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Collaborating with micro-influencers is fairly reasonable financially as well. Even with basic static posts circulated by 10 micro-influencers, your brand can potentially garner 81K – 94.5K impressions and 9.4K – 11K engagement. How did we arrive at these specific numbers? Check our campaign planner tool here

Let’s get started then?

Festivities are great occasions to leverage the immense power of Influencer Marketing. Rakhi is no exception. But this festival also provides brands with a wider scope to explore, experiment and evolve their campaigns, because the beauty of siblings’ relationship is such. There’s love, there’s fun, there’s rivalry, there’s mischief and there’s a strong bond that grows and gets stronger. As a brand, you have so many options and ways to get it right. All you have to do is get started!

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