Influencer-Led Father’s Day Campaign Ideas For Your Brand

For a brand, Father’s Day brings immense possibilities to connect with their audience. Using creative Influencer Marketing campaigns, you can facilitate interactions and even pitch your product or service to drive sales. How do you do that? Read on to know more.

Father’s Day is around the corner and with it comes a great opportunity for you, as a brand, to show your human side with an impactful Influencer Marketing campaign. As your audience celebrates the unique bond they share with their fathers, you can strengthen your rapport with them by collaborating with the right influencers and creating a powerful campaign that wins hearts, encourages interaction, improves brand visibility, and facilitates your sales goals, all at the same time! 

But, what should your campaign look like? We have a few ideas that could help you gear up and take advantage of the occasion. Here, have a look –

On Father’s Day, as your audience celebrates the unique bond they share with their fathers, an Influencer-led Campaign can bring out the human side of your brand and strengthen your rapport with them. Click To Tweet

Nostalgia is beautiful

Nostalgia is a great theme for heartfelt occasions like Father’s Day – an occasion when everyone wants to declare their love for their fathers and appreciate their role as a friend, guide, and mentor. You can subtly tap into this emotional upsurge to connect with your audience at a personal level.

Campaigns we like

HDFC’s  2020 campaign did just that. Positioning a daughter as the spender and the father as the first financial advisor, the campaign showcases the father-daughter bond as the narrative slowly goes down memory lane and quickly reconnects with the brand again. On the other hand, this campaign by Luminous simply puts forward a message of appreciation using a powerful monologue without trying hard to connect the campaign directly to the brand.

With a nostalgic campaign, brands can subtly tap into the emotional upsurge to connect with the audience at a personal level, encouraging them to declare their love and appreciation for their fathers. Click To Tweet

Campaign ideas you might want to try
  1. Dad narrates his first earning to a young Influencer. 
    • Includes young influencers and their dads
    • Should avoid being preachy. 
    • Have a subtle messaging (For e.g. ‘You understand your dads better when you walk in their shoes’)
  2. Watching Dad’s old photo album with him. 
    • Great for photography related brands. 
    • Plays on memories. 
    • Can spin the narrative for subtle brand connect.

Tickle the funny bone 

Fathers have a unique sense of humour. Perhaps that’s why there’s a whole genre of puns dedicated to them. For this reason, spending time together and sharing moments of fun and laughter make for great memories. Your Influencer Marketing campaign can tap into these lighter moments and be an opportunity for your audience to participate and share a few laughs. 

Campaigns we like

We particularly like the series of epic comebacks in Filtercopy X Netflix collaboration with influencers for Savage Dad Vs Savage Son. While it is not entirely activity-based, it leaves behind a great idea for an engaging campaign. 

Campaign ideas you might want to try
  1. Dad does stand up comedy
    • Dads are always loaded up with dad jokes
    • What if they were asked to do a stand up by their children? 
    • The setting can be simple and even impromptu
  2. Not again, Papa!
    • Dad cracks a typical lame joke and influencers go “Not again, papa!” 
    • Celebrating dad jokes and reliving the quirkiness of the father-child relationship
  3. Father’s recreating young influencer’s photos
    • Hilarious take on generation gap
    • Includes both father influencers and young influencers

Fathers have a unique sense of humour. Your Father’s Day Influencer Marketing campaign can tap into lighter moments people share with their fathers and give the audience a cue to participate and share a few laughs. Click To Tweet

Have fun together

If there’s a theme that’s extremely popular amongst users on social media platforms, it is the campaigns revolving around fun activities – challenges, lip-sync battles, dance-offs, competitions, and so on. Bringing on board an influencer that your audience relates to can do wonders for your brand’s outreach and increase audience interaction. It is also a great way to improve your collection of User-Generated Content. 

Campaigns we like

Connecting colours to convey the importance of good health and wellness, the #NerolacYogaWithDad campaign kept it simple, delivered a strong message while also encouraging the audience to participate. Although not directly launched for Father’s Day, this recent campaign by Amazon Prime Video for the promotion of the new season for Family Man is a fun take on the father-child relationship. 

Your Influencer-led campaign for this Father’s day can revolve around fun activities - challenges, lip-sync battles, dance-offs, competitions, and so on. The User-Generated Content will do wonders for your brand’s outreach. Click To Tweet

Campaign ideas you might want to try
  1. Fathers & TV Shows
    • How informed are fathers when it comes to streaming platforms?
    • How many new series have they watched? How do they compare with regular TV shows?
    • Can include young influencers and their dads
  2. Do you even know me, Dad?
    • Q&A session about how much parents know about their children
    • Can cover things related to the generation gap with hilarious reactions from both sides
  3. Who cooks better, Father or Son? 
    • E.g., Licious did something similar in this Uncle-Nephew TVC
    • Father and dad can even challenge each other to make either basic dishes, like chai and Maggi, or a gourmet spread
  4. Hip Dad
    • Challenging dads to a dance-off or a sing-along 
    • We can use the latest Reels Remix to our advantage.

Influencers can help position your product or service as the perfect Father's Day gift, promote offers & drive sales. But, to achieve the expected conversion, your campaign should evoke emotions in the audience first. Click To Tweet

The gift of love

Who doesn’t appreciate a thoughtful gift? Influencers can help position your product or service as the perfect Father’s Day gift, and the campaign can promote offers and drive sales. But, while your final goal may be that, your content should be creatively and smartly conceptualised. To achieve the conversion you expect, influencers can first help evoke emotions in your audience and then subtly imply that your product or service is their go-to Father’s Day gift.

Campaigns we like

Bombay Shaving Company’s 4-part campaign #DadLogic focussed on celebrating the witty side of fathers and ended with Father’s Day being the right time to choose the brand’s razors as a gift. 

Campaign ideas you might want to try
  1. Groom Your Dads
    • Young influencers teach their father to use grooming products (face packs/face scrubs)
    • They could inject subtle humour into the campaign as fathers upgrade their ‘beauty routine’.
    • Giveaways/gifts from brands could include standalone products or a hamper.
  2. What is it?
    • Influencer blindfolds dad and asks him to identify what the products are?
    • Depending on the products, the campaign can be based on food tasting, tickling the olfactory senses, identifying the texture of clothes, etc.
    • Giveaways / gift from brands could include goodie baskets or discount coupons 
  3. Dad Takeovers  
    • Dad takes over Influencer’s social media account, uses their product on a live video 
    • Dad gives a review of the product and speaks about how the influencer got him this amazing gift. 
    • This campaign would be great with Influencers you’ve already worked with.

Father’s Day brings immense possibilities for you to connect with your audience creatively, but you also have to be mindful that this day is different from other celebrations and that it has a deep emotional connection running through it. In your Influencer-led campaign, you can choose to directly associate your brand’s message with a product or service that you offer, or you can opt for an indirect path to convey how you appreciate an occasion that celebrates fatherhood. But, no matter which route you take, it is important to align your brand values with the campaign because nothing works better than showing the audience that your brand upholds the same sentiments as they do, especially for a heartfelt occasion like Father’s Day. 

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