How many of you have scrolled past those envy inducing clicks of Instagram models lounging by the pool and posing with a margarita in their hands? Let’s not forget those innumerable hashtags accompanying the pictures - #GramWorthy #OOTD #InstaGood #LoveMyLife #SummerLovin … Did that make you green? Did it make you wanna leave everything and pack up and leave in pursuit of #TheGoodLife? That, my friends, is a classic example of an influencer in action

Thanks to the likes of the Kylies and Kendals of this world, the influencer career and lifestyle has grown exponentially. Now, while their luxurious travel clicks and vibrant fashion blog posts might make their job appear #Glam, the gig of an influencer is not without its hardships and challenges. And yet, popular notions don’t seem to bear that out. We think it’s time for a reality check.

Myth - Influencers Are Running On Pure Luck

Fact: It’s More Than Just Luck

Being an influencer might seem like a lucrative career option (some rake in upward of $1 million per year!), but to become a thought-shaper worth reckoning with, influencers need a lot more than luck on their side. Good campaigns don’t just fall into their laps; they have to go out and pitch for work. And to land good gigs, they also have to network with people, attend meetings, send in slide decks, draw up strategies, ideate strong content, and even deal with rejections.

If all influencers were counting on just luck to get them by, there wouldn’t be so many successful thought shapers today. And to dismiss all their achievements as a fluke is being disrespectful of their obvious talent.

Myth - It’s All Fun And Games

Fact:  Blood, Sweat, and Tears Are Just The Beginning

Those of you who think that influencers have a cushy job and do little more than post a few picture with cute captions, you probably have no idea of all that goes on behind the scene. 

Like any other job, being an influencer is really demanding. They put in long hours, juggle contracts and deadlines, fulfill specific assignments, and abide by brand requirements. Not only do they promote other brands, they have to build their own presence and promote themselves as someone who can be relied upon by companies to do a good job.

Besides, growing an authentic and engaged following does not happen overnight. You have to post regularly, monitor your following, respond to comments and queries, interact with your following, and keep trying new things to engage your audience. Endless hours of research, analysis, hard work, perseverance, and energy go into each post and no influencer will ever tell you that he (or she) has it easy!

Myth - It’s Not A Full Time Job

Fact: It’s More Than That

Being an influencer is far more time consuming than your #meh 9-to-5 job. To begin with, they’re entrepreneurs, and their commitment to their profession goes beyond the traditional 40 to 50-hour work week. And like we said before, they have to approach businesses, conduct meetings, make presentations, while having a solid grasp of content and social media strategies.

Furthermore, they’re also required to execute a myriad roles to perfection as an influencer. Apart from being the CEO, COO, and CFO’s of their business, they also have to be pro level photographers, convincing salespeople, entertaining storytellers, extraordinary marketers, and exceptional planners. And should they have a team helping them out, then they’re also required to be capable leaders and task managers. Try getting all that done in a 9-hour schedule! 

Being an influencer "is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain." Their job is not easy by any stretch of imagination, and yet, they manage to do it with a smile and so much style! Surely, that’s worthy of respect, don’t you think?

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